System Description
is a universal system enabling registration of scientific and creative information as well as protection of copyright and intellectual property.

1. The author registers in the system and confirms his/her registration after having received a corresponding message from the system. Along with the confirmation link, this message contains the registrant data, full text of the Public Offer, and a brief list of frequently asked questions with answers to them. After this free registration, the author gains an access to a "personal office" (account), where he/she should fill in the form fields – publication name, description (synopsis, author’s abstract), etc., as well as alterations in data display modes, etc. The author reviews the registration data and proceeds to the stage of payment and uploading of the master file (depositing). 
2. The author pays for registration (select payment options) and receives a password for file uploading, which is sent to his/her e-mail specified during registration. The password is valid for one upload, and differs from the access password used to enter the author’s "personal office".  If the payment fails (the banking system denies accepting the credit card), the author (payer) will be sent a notification to his/her e-mail specified during registration. The transaction time (payment transmission) can take a period varying from several minutes to 24 hours. 
3. The author enters the password in a corresponding field of his/her "personal office" and uploads the archive (or non-archived content) of his/her publication to the server. The archive can be password-protected or encoded; the system does not control the file content. The size of an uploaded file (archive) should not exceed 7 MB. Any program codes and executable files registered in the system should be archived by any method that is favorable to the author. Non-archived program codes, program code elements, executable files, or scripts will be regarded as attempts to impair the system servers, and will be deleted. 
4. Within 1 day from the date of file uploading, the author will be sent a certificate to his/her e-mail specified during registration. This certificate includes: 
  authors’ exact data
  registration date and publication name
  file name
  archive size
  exact date and time of the publication (depositing)
  transaction (money transfer) data of the author’s
  bank and the Register merchant account
  security code.
5. The author can disclose the information about himself/herself (public access) and his/her publication, or block the public access to any information. In the latter case, only the publication name and synopsis (author’s abstract) will be available for free access. The author can change the access level at any time via his/her account control panel. 

Security levels:
The authorship is fixed per publication once and forever in the data stored on the servers, as well as in the certificate. The information about the author cannot be changed.   All the information uploaded by the author is stored (backed up) on 3 independent servers in different data centers. 

The publication date and time are fixed in accordance with the bank’s payment documents or electronic payment system (number, time and date, transaction code) of the payer.

The publication date and time are fixed during registration and file uploading to the server. 

The publication date and time are fixed by the merchant account upon the receipt of money on the Register account (number, time and date, transaction code, payer).

The publication openness level, as well as the author’s data can be open or hidden if so desired by the author.

The author bears full legal responsibility for his/her publication to the extent that he/she is the actual author (copyright holder) of the published material. 

Advantages of this universal Register:
Any publications, including text, graphic, scientific, music, program codes, scripts are subject to copyright registration in the universal register system without any limitations whatsoever, except for the size of the uploaded file, which should be max 7 MB.

Actually, copyright registration is carried out instantaneously, with no preliminary expert reviews when leakages of valuable information may occur.

Copyright registration entirely conforms to the copyright protection laws applicable in the USA, Russia, European Union, as well as to international agreements.

Thus, 100 % identification of the publication author and his/her 100 % protection can be ensured since all payment information is kept in different banks (payment systems), and this information is absolutely independent. 

The authors’ certificate and the Register data can be used in legal proceedings of any level. 

The website retrieval system enables independent search by different subjects. 

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Copyright Registration - U.S. LAW

Copyright registration

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Register their copyrights and receive full legal protection.
The cost of registration and certificate - $ 20
public offer
- Please read before registering!

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Registration and the publication of materials: is a pay system designed for copyright registration and publication of scientific and creative materials. To register your copyright for any created material, invention or scientific achievement of yours, the only thing you have to do is to fill in the form.
 The author (publisher) bears full legal responsibility for integrity of the provided information by confirming his/her registration in accordance with the Public Offer.
 All publications are automatically and manually indexed; our moderators – specialists – assign an additional "revolutionary index" – RIA to every publication.
 The RIA index represents a revolutionary degree of the author’s publication with respect to existing scientific and cultural paradigms.
 Every publication contains output data and the author’s contact information (if so desired by the author), brief synopsis (author’s abstract), as well as a full version of the copyrighted material in the archive, which is stored on our server, and can be made available for free viewing or for limited view (author’s abstract only) if so desired by the author. is a system that enables fixing a copyright fact for any intellectual property; the system data is mandatory for acceptance by any court or arbitration in case of any disputes arisen.
 Validity of the certificate of the author - 25 years. Registration author is not a patent, but used to confirm the copyright.
 Thus, the system ensures your rights to publish and register copyrighted materials, which after their indexation will become available to every user of this resource.
 Registration of authors and their publications in the system enables confirming the publication time and the priority level, fixing your authorship and the date when your publication was created.
  The on-line access provides synopses and author’s abstracts of available materials.

public offer - read carefully before registration! register system reliably and effectively protects the rights of authors by fixing the publication date and confirming the authorship of any kind of materials. Unlike conventional systems, SciReg is a comprehensive register having no limitations whatsoever as regards to the subject matter of copyright.
  Unlike publications in "reputable magazines" – author-owned valuable information does not pass through different people and expert evaluations, and is not reviewed. This feature ensures reliable and fast registration of copyright, as well as the level of scientific or creative priority No information leakages, which are unavoidable during conventional patenting, can occur.
  At the same time, the copyright protection level is substantially higher due to the above-mentioned reasons. After carrying out a simple procedure of registration and publication, and paying a small amount of the registration fee, the author receives a reliable publication priority proved by the certificate of the SciReg system, which can not be changed or transferred to other persons or companies. At the same time, within applicable internal laws of the author’s country of residence, or within the international law, the author is not restricted in his/her right to administer his/her material – he/she may sell or otherwise assign it to other persons or companies, within a standard contractual law. It should be mentioned that patenting costs in present-day advanced countries are very high and excessively long (about a year); critical information passes through dozens of authorities; leakages of valuable information and loss of priority can occur.
 In addition, registration and publication of authors’ materials of in the SciReg register system enables potential investors to freely communicate with authors and their works, and cooperate with them on a legal basis.
 It is the SciReg register system where the author of a material becomes a registered author of his/her particular work – invention, melody, text, scientific publication, or other material, and where he/she can confirm his/her priority and copyright at any time.
 Furthermore, the SciReg register system has no limitations inherent to conventional patent authorities and academic periodicals – absolutely no prejudice and limitations whatsoever on registration and publication.
 At the same time, authors should realize that they bear full responsibility for the information they indicate during registration.
 The SciReg register system protects the present-day science against pressure of corporations and scientific institutions, and influence of patent authorities – both moderators of the scientific, artistic and engineering progress.
 SciReg secures inherent human rights to intellectual property protection, scientific and creative results, – and neither governmental nor corporate institution has the right to suppress or restrict the rights of authors for publication and the creative work itself.
 The SciReg independent universal register system is a guiding light on the way to human progress and well-being. more >>>>>>>>>>>

Registration and the publication of materials:

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