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Copyright Office
[Docket No. RM 94-4A]

Cable Compulsory License: Specialty Station List

AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

ACTION: Notice of filings, request for comments.


SUMMARY: The Copyright Office is publishing a list of stations that 
sent us affidavits claiming that they legally qualify for specialty 
station status. Specialty station status means a commercial broadcast 
television station qualifies as a specialty station under former 
distant signal carriage rules of the Federal Communications Commission 
(FCC) for purposes of administering section 111 of title 17, United 
States Code. Any party objecting to a listed station's claim should 
send the objection and the reasons for it to the Copyright Office.

DATES: Comments must be received by June 8, 1995. The effective date of 
the annotated list will coincide with the beginning of the accounting 
period that starts after the final list is published in the Federal 

ADDRESSES: By Mail: Copyright GC/I&R, P.O. Box 70400, Southwest 
Station, Washington, DC 20024. By Hand: Office of the General Counsel, 
U.S. Copyright Office, James Madison Memorial Building, Room LM 407.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Marilyn J. Kretsinger, Acting General 
Counsel, Copyright GC/I&R, P.O. Box 70400, Southwest Station, 
Washington, D.C. 20024. Telephone: (202) 707-8380. Telefax: (202) 707-

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Copyright Office is compiling a new 
specialty station list of television broadcast stations that qualify as 
specialty stations under the former distant signal carriage rules of 
the Federal Communications Commission (47 CFR 76.5(kk)(1981)). We 
published a Notice of Inquiry asking qualifying stations to submit 
sworn affidavits to the Office stating that the programming of their 
stations satisfies the FCC's former requirements for specialty station 
status\1\ by March 27, 1995. 60 FR 4639 (January 24, 1995). The number 
of filings received indicated that many stations had not seen the 
Federal Register notice. To assure the new list is complete, we 
extended the deadline to April 24, 1995. 60 FR 18426 (April 11, 1995).

    \1\The FCC defined a specialty station as ``a commercial 
television broadcast station that generally carries foreign-
language, religious, and/or automated programming in one-third of 
the hours of an average broadcast week and one-third of weekly 
prime-time hours.'' 47 CFR 76.5(kk)(1976).


    The FCC did not consider the specialty station status of distant 
signals carried by cable systems after it deleted its distant signal 
carriage rules.\2\ However, specialty station status is still relevant 
for administration of section 111 of the Copyright Act of 1976, because 
specialty stations may be carried as distant signals by cable 
television systems at a significantly lower rate than the 3.75% rate 
that is usually incurred by a system when it carries non-permitted 

    \2\See Malrite T.V. of New York v. FCC, 652 F2d 1140 (2d cir. 
1981), cert. den., 454 U.S. 1143 (1982).

    The Office created its first specialty station list in 1990, and 
stated that it would compile a new list at approximately three year 
intervals. Ninety stations filed affidavits this year claiming 
specialty station status. These stations are listed below. We ask that 
any party who objects to another party's claim to specialty station 
status submit specific and factual comments as to which station(s) they 
object to, and why. The Office will publish a final annotated list of 
specialty stations that includes references to objections to stations' 
claims. Cable systems considering carriage of stations as specialty 
stations may then verify the station's status and program carriage 
before making a final decision.
    Copyright Office licensing examiners will refer to the final 
annotated specialty station list in examining cable systems' claims on 
their Statements of Account that particular stations are specialty 
stations. If a cable system claims specialty station status for a 
station not on the final annotated list, the examiner will check to see 
if the station has filed an affidavit since publication of the list. 
Although the Office does not officially place stations filing 
affidavits after publication of the final list on this list, it will 
accept these affidavits for the record.

Specialty Station List: Call Letters and Cities of License

CBAFT         Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada                            
CBEFT         Windsor, Ontario, Canada                                  
CBFT          Montreal, Quebec, Canada                                  
CBGAT         Matane, Quebec, Canada                                    
CBKFT         Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada                              
CBLFT         Toronto, Ontario, Canada                                  
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CBOFT         Ottawa, Ontario, Canada                                   
CBST          Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada                                 
CBUFT         Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada                       
CBVT          Quebec City, Quebec, Canada                               
CBWFT         Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada                                
CBXFT         Edmonton, Alberta, Canada                                 
CFCM          Quebec City, Quebec, Canada                               
CFER          Rimouski, Quebec, Canada                                  
CFTM          Montreal, Quebec, Canada                                  
CHEM          Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada                            
CHLT          Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada                                
CJPM          Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada                                
CKRN          Rouyn, Quebec, Canada                                     
CKRS          Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada                                 
CKRT          Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec, Canada                           
CKSH          Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada                                
CKTM          Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada                            
KCHF          Santa Fe, New Mexico                                      
KCSO          Modesto, California                                       
KDTV          San Francisco, California                                 
KFCB          Concord, California                                       
KFTV          Fresno, California                                        
KLUZ          Albuquerque, New Mexico                                   
KLXV          San Jose, California                                      
KMEX          Los Angeles, California                                   
KMPX          Decatur, Texas                                            
KMSG          Sanger, California                                        
KNSO          Merced, California                                        
KNXT          Visalia, California                                       
KSBI          Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                   
KSTS          San Jose, California                                      
KTFH          Conroe, Texas                                             
KTMD          Galveston, Texas                                          
KTSF          San Francisco, California                                 
KTVW          Phoenix, Arizona                                          
KUVN          Garland, Texas                                            
KVDA          San Antonio, Texas                                        
KVEA          Corona, California                                        
KWEX          San Antonio, Texas                                        
KWHY          Los Angeles, California                                   
KXLN          Rosenberg, Texas                                          
W09BI         Tallahassee, Florida                                      
W17AB         Tallahassee, Florida                                      
W64BW         Arlington, Virginia                                       
W65BX         Springfield, Massachusetts                                
W69AY         Gainesville, Florida                                      
WACX          Leesburg, Florida                                         
WBUY          Memphis, Tennessee                                        
WCFC          Chicago, Illinois                                         
WCLF          Clearwater, Florida                                       
WCTD          Miami, Florida                                            
WECN          Naranjito, Puerto Rico                                    
WEFC          Roanoke, Virginia                                         
WEJC          Lexington, North Carolina                                 
WELF          Lookout Mountain, Georgia                                 
WFCT          Bradenton, Florida                                        
WFGC          Palm Beach, Florida                                       
WGBO          Joliet, Illinois                                          
WHBR          Pensacola, Florida/Mobile, Alabama                        
WHTN          Murfreesboro, Tennessee                                   
WIRS          Yauco, Puerto Rico                                        
WKAQ          San Juan, Puerto Rico                                     
WKBS          Altoona, Pennsylvania                                     
WLCN          Madisonville, Kentucky                                    
WLFG          Grundy, Virginia                                          
WLTV          Miami, Florida                                            
WLYJ          Clarksburg, West Virginia                                 
WMCF          Montgomery, Alabama                                       
WMBC          Newton, New Jersey                                        
WMPV          Mobile, Alabama                                           
WNJU          Linden, New Jersey                                        
              Amsterdam, Pennsylvania                                   
WPCB          Greenburg, Pennsylvania                                   
WPGD          Nashville, Tennessee                                      
WPMC          Jellico, Tennessee                                        
WRXY          Tice, Florida                                             
WSCV          Ft. Lauderdale, Florida                                   
WSFJ          Newark, Ohio                                              
WSNS          Chicago, Illinois                                         
WSWS          Opelika, Alabama                                          
WTGI          Wilmington, Deleware                                      
WTGL          Cocoa, Florida                                            
WTLK          Rome, Georgia                                             
WTWS          New London, Connecticut                                   
WXTV          Secaucus, New Jersey                                      

  Dated: May 3, 1995.
Marybeth Peters,
Register of Copyrights.
[FR Doc. 95-11396 Filed 5-8-95; 8:45 am]