[Federal Register: January 14, 2000 (Volume 65, Number 10)]


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Copyright Office

[Docket No. 2000-1 CARP]


Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panels; List of Arbitrators

AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

ACTION: Publication of the 2000-2001 CARP arbitrator list.


SUMMARY: The Copyright Office is publishing the list of arbitrators 

eligible for service on a Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel 

(``CARP'') during 2000 and 2001. This list will be used to select the 

arbitrators who will serve on panels initiated in 2000 and 2001 for 

determining the distribution of royalty fees or the adjustment of 

royalty rates.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 14, 2000.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: David O. Carson, General Counsel, or 

Tanya M. Sandros, Attorney-Advisor, Copyright Arbitration Royalty 

Panel, P.O. Box 70977, Southwest Station, Washington, DC 20024. 

Telephone: (202) 707-8380. Telefax: (202) 252-3423.



    For royalty rate adjustments and distributions that are in 

controversy, the Copyright Act requires the selection of a Copyright 

Arbitration Royalty Panel (``CARP'') consisting of three arbitrators 

from ``lists provided by professional arbitration associations.'' See 

17 U.S.C. 802(b). The Librarian of Congress selects two of the 

arbitrators for a CARP from a list of nominated arbitrators; those 

selected then choose a third arbitrator to serve as chairperson of the 

panel. If the two arbitrators cannot agree, the Librarian is instructed 

to select the third arbitrator.

    On December 7, 1994, the Copyright Office issued final regulations 

implementing the CARP selection process. 59 FR 63025 (December 7, 

1994). Subsequently, these rules were

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amended to provide for the generation of a new list of nominees 

biannually. 61 FR 63715 (December 2, 1996). Section 251.3(a) of the 

regulations allows any professional arbitration association or 

organization to nominate qualified individuals, as described in 

Sec. 251.5, to serve as arbitrators on a CARP. The regulations require 

that the submitting arbitration association supply the following 

information for each person:

    (1) The full name, address, and telephone number of the person.

    (2) The current position and name of the person's employer, if any, 

along with a brief summary of the person's employment history, 

including areas of expertise, and, if available, a description of the 

general nature of clients represented and the types of proceedings in 

which the person represented clients.

    (3) A brief description of the educational background of the 

person, including teaching positions and membership in professional 

associations, if any.

    (4) A statement of the facts and information which qualify the 

person to serve as an arbitrator under Sec. 251.5.

    (5) A description or schedule detailing fees proposed to be charged 

by the person for service on a CARP.

    (6) Any other information which the professional arbitration 

association or organization may consider relevant. 37 CFR 251.3(a).

    Section 251.3(b) of the regulations requires the Copyright Office 

to publish a list of qualified persons and mandates that this list must 

include between 30 and 75 names of persons who were nominated from at 

least three arbitration associations. The newly comprised list of 

arbitrators will be in effect until the end of the 2001 calendar year, 

and any arbitrator selected for a CARP during 2000 and 2001 will come 

from this list. The list includes the name of the nominee and the 

nominating association.

    The publication of today's list satisfies the requirement of 37 CFR 

251.3. The information submitted by the arbitration association with 

respect to each person listed is available for copying and inspection 

at the Licensing Division of the Copyright Office. Thus, for example, 

if the Librarian is required to convene a CARP in 2000 for a royalty 

fee distribution, parties to that proceeding may review that 

information as a means of formulating objections to listed arbitrators 

under Sec. 251.4. The Licensing Division of the Copyright Office is 

located in the Library of Congress, James Madison Building, LM-458, 101 

Independence Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20540.

Deadline for Filing Financial Disclosure Statement

    Section 251.32(a) of the CARP rules provides that, within 45 days 

of their nomination, each nominee must ``file with the Librarian of 

Congress a confidential financial disclosure statement as provided by 

the Library of Congress.'' The Copyright Office sent financial 

disclosure statements to the nominating associations, with specific 

instructions for completing and filing the statement, and asked each 

organization to distribute the forms to its nominees for the CARP 

arbitrator list. The Librarian of Congress will use the financial 

disclosure form to determine what financial conflicts of interest, if 

any, may preclude the nominee from serving as an arbitrator in a CARP 

proceeding. Unlike information submitted by the arbitration 

associations under Sec. 251.3(a), the information contained in the 

financial disclosure statements is confidential and is not available to 

the public or to the parties to the proceeding. Each nominee has filed 

a completed financial disclosure form with the Librarian of Congress.

The 2000-2001 CARP Arbitrator List

The Honorable James M. Bailey--Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc.

William F. Baron, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Tobias G. Barry--Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc.

Marjory G. Basile, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Bernard J. Bonn III, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Dorothy K. Campbell, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Luis A. Cardenas--JAMS/Endispute

Virginia S. Carson, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Terry L. Clark, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Jerry Cohen, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

John W. Cooley, Esq.--Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc.

Mark J. Davis, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Gino L. DiVito--Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc.

Edward Dreyfus, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Lenore G. Ehrig--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Jesse Etelson--Attorney/Client Arbitration Board, The 

District of Columbia Bar

The Honorable John B. Farmakides--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Thomas A. Fortkort--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Charles W. Fowler--Arbitration and Mediation Services

William D. Friend, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

David Geronemus, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

The Honorable Michael B. Getty--JAMS/Endispute

The Honorable Cornelia Bright Gordon--Arbitration and Mediation 


The Honorable Elizabeth E. Granville--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Jerry Grissom--JAMS/Endispute

The Honorable Jeffrey S. Gulin--Arbitration and Mediation Services

William E. Hartgering, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

Katherine Hendricks, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Harold Himmelman, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

The Honorable Louis N. Hurwitz--Arbitration and Mediation Services

The Honorable Mel R. Jiganti--JAMS/Endispute

Sheldon Kapustin, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Sheldon Karon, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

B. Craig Killough, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Lewis Kurlantzick, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Christine Lepera, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Lewis A. London--Arbitration and Mediation Services

The Honorable Harlan A. Martin--JAMS/Endispute

Gloria Messinger, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable James R. Miller, Jr.--JAMS/Endispute

Cecilia H. Morgan, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

James D. Myers, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Cheryl I. Niro, Esq.--Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc.

David M. Ostfeld, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Timothy T. Patula, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Gerald F. Phillips, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Alex S. Polsky, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

Sol Rosenthal, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Richard H. Sayler, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

Peter C. Schaumber, Esq.--Center for Litigation Alternatives

The Honorable Philip E. Schwab--JAMS/Endispute

The Honorable Seymour Schwartz--JAMS/Endispute

Vivien B. Shelanski, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

William Stuart Taylor, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

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Eric E. Van Loon, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

The Honorable Curtis E. von Kann--JAMS/Endispute

Frank M. Wentworth, Jr., Esq.--American Arbitration Association

The Honorable Ronald P. Wertheim--JAMS/Endispute

Michael D. Young, Esq.--JAMS/Endispute

Gregg R. Zegarelli, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

    Dated: January 11, 2000.

David O. Carson,

General Counsel.

[FR Doc. 00-973 Filed 1-13-00; 8:45 am]