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Panoramafreiheit, translated literally into English as Freedom of Panorama or Panorama Freedom often abbreviated as FOP, is a provision in the copyright laws of Germany that permits taking pictures or creating other images (such as paintings) of buildings and sculptures which are permanently located in a public place without infringing any copyright that may subsist in such works, and to publish such images.[1] Panoramafreiheit limits the right of the copyright owner to take action for breach of copyright against the photographer or anyone distributing the resultant image. It is an exception to the normal rule that the copyright owner has the exclusive right to authorize the creation and distribution of derivative works.
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1 Laws around the world
1.1 Europe
1.2 Australia
1.3 USA
2 Two-dimensional works
3 Public space
4 Anti-terror laws
5 References
6 External links
[edit]Laws around the world

See also: Commons:Freedom of panorama
Many countries have similar provisions restricting the scope of copyright law in order to explicitly permit photographs involving scenes of public places or scenes photographed from public places. Other countries, though, differ widely in their interpretation of the principle.[1]
In the European Union, Directive 2001/29/EC provides for the possibility of member states having a similar clause in their copyright laws, but does not require such a rule.[2]
Panoramafreiheit is defined in article 59 of the German Urheberrechtsgesetz,[3] in article 27 of the Swiss Urheberrechtsgesetz,[4] in section 62 of the United Kingdom Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988,[5] and it exists in several other countries.
There are also European countries (such as Italy[6]) where there is still no freedom of panorama at all. In Italy, despite many official protests[7] and a national initiative[8] led by the lawyer Guido Scorza and the journalist Luca Spinelli (who highlighted the issue[6]), the publishing of photographic reproductions of public places is still prohibited, in accordance with the old Italian copyright laws.[9][10]
Some countries, such as France or Belgium, do not have this global permission for making images at public places at all and allow images of copyrighted works only under "incidental inclusion" clauses.[11]
Freedom of Panorama is dealt with in the Australian Copyright Act, sections 65 to 68. Section 65 provides that "the copyright in a work... that is situated, otherwise than temporarily, in a public place, or in premises open to the public, is not infringed by the making of a painting, drawing, engraving or photograph of the work, or by the inclusion of the work in a cinematograph film or in a television broadcast."[12]
In the United States, there is no such encompassing rule.[13] The only similar article is 17 USC 120(a), which exempts the creation of pictorial representations of buildings from the architect's copyright.[14][15] This freedom of panorama for buildings does not apply to art,[16] however, which even restricts photography of the artistic components of a building design[17]. Fair use may permit uses such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research. One famous example of panoramic restriction is found in the Hollywood Sign, whose custodians claim trademark rights that are licensed for a fee for its inclusion in television and film.[18]
[edit]Two-dimensional works

The precise extent of this permission to make pictures in public places without having to worry about copyrighted works being in the image differs amongst countries.[1] In most countries, it applies only to images of three-dimensional works[19] that are permanently installed in a public place, "permanent" typically meaning "for the natural lifetime of the work".[4][20] In Switzerland, even taking and publishing images of two-dimensional works such as murals or graffiti is permitted, provided such images cannot be used for the same purpose as the originals.[4]
[edit]Public space

Many laws have subtle differences in regard to public space and private property. Whereas in Germany the permission applies only if both the depicted work and the photographer were on public ground when the image was taken,[3] the photographer's location is irrelevant in Austria.[1] In many Eastern European countries, the copyright laws limit this permission to non-commercial uses of the image only.[21] Also, there are international differences in the definition of a "public place". In most countries, this includes only outdoor spaces (for instance, in Germany[3]) while some other countries also include public museums (this is for instance the case in the UK[5] and in Russia[22]).
[edit]Anti-terror laws

Tension has arisen in countries where freedom to take pictures in public places conflicts with more recent anti-terrorism legislation. In the United Kingdom, the powers granted to police under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 have been used on numerous occasions to stop amateur and professional photographers from taking photographs of public areas. Under such circumstances, police are required to have "reasonable suspicion" that a person is a terrorist.[23] While the Act does not prohibit photography, critics have alleged misuse of the powers to prevent lawful public photography.[24] Notable instances have included the investigation of a schoolboy,[25] a Member of Parliament[26] and a BBC photographer.[27]

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