Press release
Press release

International holding company SolCity WID S.A. (investment, development, software) introduces a SciReg project to the market – a universal global system of on-line copyright registry. The copyright can be recorded by any author of majority age, on any object of common copyright (texts, music, images, inventions, scientific articles and discoveries) as well as on such objects that previously were beyond the legal framework.

Advantages of the system:
1. 100 % of identification of the authors.
2. Independence and objectiveness.
3. Instant registration of copyright and priority, up to 1 minute.
4. Issue of registered certificates at the registry and depositing of the materials.
5. Absence of information leaks during registration.
6. The author independently sets the level of disclosure on his object of registry (including permission of depositing of encrypted archives). Only name and description of the object of copyright have free access.
7. Multiple backup.
8. Multilevel protection of the copyright.

Registry of copyright, intellectual property and objects of law within the SciReg system is absolutely free and its not controlled by any state and patent authorities and can neither be modified nor deleted.
SciReg provides authors with legal protection from any unconscientious publishers and illegal users of the authorial work affixing the copyright to any object once and forever.
Software, legal and finance arrangement allows using of SciReg Register data in any legal and other lawful procedures.
What object can be registered by its author? Almost any – scientific publication, piece of music, image, literature, business idea, “know-how”, invention. After registry and issuing of a certificate SciReg the author can absolutely safely transfer his work to the third parties without fear of information leaks or unconscientious using.
Official offers on cooperation are sent to all major Internet companies – Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Ebay, etc., and international organization WIPO.

Details: in FAQ topic.

SciReg officially launches at 21th of July 2010.

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Contact information:
ph. +1.829.7549679 USA - english, espanol
ph. +7.921.3183052 Europe - english
ph. +7.911.7800110 Russian Federation - russian

Solcity World Investment & Development, S.A.,
Restauracion ave. 261 off. 2-a, sector San Anton, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana RNC 130567328

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